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We have exciting news! We are increasing rates as well as adding bonuses for translators for each and every project.

When we started the service a few years ago, we wanted to make things simple for customers and decided on a simple flat rate for all languages.

As we all know, the market situation is different in reality, especially in view of the state of the economy in many countries.

To accommodate better rates for translators and still be fair and simple to the customer, we have divided the language pairs into 3 groups: Regular, Common and Exclusive.

Following the release today of the new version of the Google Translator Toolkit, One Hour Translation, the web's #1 professional translation service announced that it supports the new Translator Toolkit with its community of over 10000 professional native speaking translators.

Dear Translator,

Thank you for being a member of our translators’ community. We have few updates we wanted to share with you.
This newsletter covers:

In this issue:

  • New feature - Human Translation API
  • New feature - Drupal professional translation module
  • New feature - Translation projects statement
  • New feature - Project name

SDL, the world's second largest translation agency choose One Hour Translation to provide all of the professional paid-for human translation for


The rapid pace of technological development and innovation has created an easy way to translate your messages into the language of your target audience. With a multitude of options available, end users will know what the intended message is from the get go. Top-tier online translation service offers are readily available and they’re well worth the investment!

Most people wish they could, but one cannot trust machine (or automatic) translation services promising the translation of full passages, paragraphs, documents and even complete websites into other idioms. Simply because the attempt to engage in a language translation process is made by software which is unable to cope and solve all the tiny gritty perceptions of meaning that only a professional (and human!) translator is capable of interpreting.

Translating is a creative action, a painstaking operation requiring a sharp ear and a feeling for language. On the other hand, translating is also a craft, and of course there are tips and rules of thumb one can pass on to new translators, and practical problems to discuss.

It is not very common to hear about this but it happens every day... Market surveys, Gallup polls, sociological studies, medical forms, psychological examinations, informed consent forms, client-satisfaction assessment, pharmaceutical queries, research study protocols, and an endless list of other contexts explore the benefits of back translation, as performed by trained professional translators.