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medical translator

Medical and healthcare industry is one of the most regulated industries through out the world as it involves health and life of common people. Any unbridled growth can spell doom for the society as a whole. Since medical translation of labels, dosage instructions etc. is also part of the drug manufacturing and marketing process, they are also subject to regulatory requirements regarding accuracy, completeness etc.

Medical translation offers a wide gamut of opportunities right from translating medical reports, scientific papers, to labelling in pharmaceuticals, in clinical trials etc. that comply with various country specific regulatory requirements. One of the opportunities that has been growing of late is translating informed consent forms (ICF).

Medicine is one of the oldest branches of science and has been in existence since time immemorial. Ancient Egyptian medicine, Babylonian medicine, Indian Ayurvedic medicine, classical Chinese medicine etc. trace their origins to as early as 3rd millennium B.C.

A medical translator is typically very straightforward when it comes to going about his human translation work.