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One Hour Translation Expands Its Transcreation Capabilities  | One Hour Translation

According to a recent Commonsense Advisory Market survey, transcreation has shown a double digit growth. To better meet their clients' expanding needs, One Hour Translation has decided to expand its transcreation capabilities. ... Continue

Is "One Hour Translation" a Game Changer for Global Marketing? | One Hour Translation

 I am fascinated with this interview with the CEO of One Hour Translation on the Global by Design blog. And not just because of our American fixation on speed– Think “1 hour Dry Cleaning” or “10 minute oil changes”, or Pizza that is “delivered in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.” ... Continue

International marketing in foreign languages has never been so easy In the age of globalization, making decisions about international marketing is a lot easier for companies than it has been in the past, and is now an essential part of their business. ... Continue

One Hour Translation announces special buy one, get one free translation promotion to all press release agencies. Translate a PR to any language and receive a second translation to an additional language completely free of charge. ... Continue

One Hour Translation reports ever increasing demand for the translation of online advertising. These translations include copy for both text ads and banners, most notably to European languages including French, German, Spanish and Russian. One of the main reasons for this increase is the lower bid price for online ads in European languages. ... Continue

4 essential marketing tips

Depending on your age, you might recall that there was a time when marketing in general was very looked-down upon, especially by idealistic youth. In my university days, an artist or celebrity who chose to make a commercial to license their music or images was derided and criticised; today having your music featured in a commercial is considered smart, free marketing and promotion. I’ve been working for years to promote myself and my translation services business, so I’ve learned a few things. People don’t mind marketing efforts in today’s world, as long as they feel like it’s done appropriately. What the term ‘appropriately’ means can vary, but there are a few basic things you must do when marketing yourself or your business. ... Continue

youre unique just like everyone else

For most of us we’re content to be unique in our own little ways, while others spend their lives striving continuously to be different as if being different is somehow the point of it all. This bleeds into marketing; as a small business owner you’re often advised that your marketing efforts have to be unique if you’re going to be noticed. We hear this even in an industry like translation services, where everyone is offering the same basic service. Be unique! Stand out! The problem is, everyone else is trying to be unique as well. ... Continue