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I must admit to you: I sometimes wake up in the morning with zero desire to market myself and my business. I know! Shocking. It happens to the best of us. Part of it is the endless effort of it, because no matter how well I promote my translation services business, I wake up the next day still needed to promote it. The world keeps moving the goalposts, in a sense, and you never hit that magic moment of having ‘enough’ business. Every new client seems to mean one old one leaves, and every new project that promises tons of work also means you have to turn down two projects and see them go to a competitor.

The dictionary definition of the word centralization is “it is the process by which the activities of an organization become concentrated within a particular location and/or group”. This concept of centralization is more relevant today in the face of increased globalization of companies today than ever before. It is particularly relevant to the activity of translation in order to maintain consistency as well as lower overall cost of translation.

The professional translation industry has recently gone through two important changes in the way it goes about its translation services: specialization and globalization. Human translation has undoubtedly transformed itself during the end of the last millennium and the beginning of the new one.

Globalization has affected the translation industry just like every other industry both positively and negatively. While in the product space we have benefited from lower costs with same or superior quality manufactured from countries China, a similar trend has been found in the industry translation too. Translators from the developed world have to compete with those from the low cost countries now, but it has not pervaded much either due to language barriers.

One of the main reasons why companies are so eager to adopt the Internet globalization paradigm into their marketing strategy is because it will theoretically help bring in a multitude of profit and intensify trade to a global scale.