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Les tweets de Justin Timberlake sont maintenant disponibles en Français (@OHT_JustinFR)
Grâce aux services de One Hour Translation

L’agence de traduction humaine la plus rapide du monde, One Hour Translation, a créé une nouvelle capacité Twitter qui permettra de traduire tout les tweets de Justin Timberlake en français (@OHT_JustinFR). Cette nouvelle capacité va permettre à la star américaine d’atteindre un public plus large à travers le monde.

Language is the most basic function that every human being has to know in order to communicate with others. This explains the need for professional translation services. As many as six thousand languages are currently being spoken in different corners of the globe today. Every region has a distinct and peculiar official language that is spoken by the locals. Every language has its own sub language which can further be classified into dialects.

The popularity of English as international business language continues to grow by the day as top business schools and universities irrespective of location are pushing for English as the teaching medium in order to meet the challenges of globalization and with an eye on revenue. Even in France which is a traditional English hater, universities are offering parallel business courses in English to attract international students. This could raise the demand for French translators who are fluent in both English and French.

The primary language used in trade and commerce worldwide has varied over time as well as geography. Latin and Greek in Europe, Chinese in parts of Asia, Sanskrit in the Indian subcontinent, Persian in Islamic countries of Asia and Africa and so on have been the dominant language for some time or the other over the years. More recently in the 19th century, French was the language of diplomacy and was used in royal courts of Germany, Russia, and Italy besides France and French colonies in Africa.

The languages of European Union are the languages used by the populace within the member territories of European Union. These include the twenty-three representative languages of European Union in conjunction with an assortment of others. The European Union asserts that it is in good turn of linguistic diversity & at present has a European Official for Multilingualism.