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English translation

Continuing the discussion on the subject of simplified English from an earlier blog, simplified English was originally developed for the aerospace industry for writing maintenance manuals but is now used by other industries as well. The need for simplified English has arisen mainly because natural language expressions can be ambiguous depending on the writing style of the writer. Technical writers especially develop special vocabulary called ‘jargon’ which can make writing opaque to others including experts.

The English language is the mostly widely spoken language in the world. It is spoken / understood across all the 5 continents. Due to this very nature of its widespread popularity there have been several regional variations that have made the language unwieldy, complex and sometimes difficult to comprehend. Its vocabulary is constantly evolving with new words borrowed from other languages being added almost every day. In fact there are over 100 dialects / accented English versions spoken across the world.

The story of evolution of English as a dominant international language is an interesting one. The internationalization of the English language has not happened overnight but is a product of development of the language over many centuries. English language is West Germanic in origin having been brought to Britain by Germanic invaders in pre Christian era.

The primary language used in trade and commerce worldwide has varied over time as well as geography. Latin and Greek in Europe, Chinese in parts of Asia, Sanskrit in the Indian subcontinent, Persian in Islamic countries of Asia and Africa and so on have been the dominant language for some time or the other over the years. More recently in the 19th century, French was the language of diplomacy and was used in royal courts of Germany, Russia, and Italy besides France and French colonies in Africa.

The languages of European Union are the languages used by the populace within the member territories of European Union. These include the twenty-three representative languages of European Union in conjunction with an assortment of others. The European Union asserts that it is in good turn of linguistic diversity & at present has a European Official for Multilingualism.

The arrival of globalization conveyed with it superior communication technologies, which have revolutionized our every day lives, cultures, & the way trade is carried out. As the world turns out to be smaller & as more trade is done on a worldwide scale, English Translation are more & more becoming a crucial asset for companies who wish to enlarge their operations to a variety of overseas provinces.

The need for translation has existed since time immemorial and translating important literary works from one language into others has contributed significantly to the development of world culture. Ideas and forms of one culture have constantly moved and got assimilated into other cultures through the works of translators. The history of translation is related to the history of the often invisible cross cultural interactions of the world.

The importance of proper translation by professionals assumes great importance when dealing with languages like English and Chinese which are poles apart in their structure, grammar, phonetics, syntax etc.

As far as pronunciation is concerned, the Chinese is a tonal language as compared to English which is a stress based language. The English as spoken by the Chinese is often unintelligible to foreigners because of stress on the wrong syllable, wrong intonation etc.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not language or culture that's keeping businesses from going international with the help of the worldwide web. Instead, it's the task of choosing which professional translation firm is best suited for a given job that's serving as the main hindrance to their plans of branching out.

If you're a newly graduated translator-to-be, then you have a lot to look forward to—namely, working in a professional translation agency complete with fully experienced human translation experts and machine translation assistants or setting up your own freelance translation service at the comfort of your own home via the magic of the worldwide web.