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Chinese translation

The world and art of translation is so huge that it really becomes difficult for us to find the start and the end of it.

Asia’s enormous diversity of living cultures and preserved heritage sites has significant appeal to many tourists. However tourism has grown so rapidly that many issues associated with the incorporation of cultural and heritage experiences in tourist itineraries (such as authenticity verses commodification, exploitation of national cultures, impacts on local communities, the management of heritage resources and the biggest one being the language barrier) have not been adequately addressed and must be debated.

Translation is a major global activity today with documents, reports etc. being exchanged internationally. Professional translation services perform accurate translation of the given documents into the required language. Chinese translation is performed by people who are qualified and proficient in both Chinese and the other language as well. Chinese can the language of the source document or the language into which the document is to be translated.

The importance of proper translation by professionals assumes great importance when dealing with languages like English and Chinese which are poles apart in their structure, grammar, phonetics, syntax etc.

As far as pronunciation is concerned, the Chinese is a tonal language as compared to English which is a stress based language. The English as spoken by the Chinese is often unintelligible to foreigners because of stress on the wrong syllable, wrong intonation etc.

Every language poses its respective quirks, idiosyncrasies, and difficulties to translators whenever they're being translated into another language. On that note, the Chinese language can present itself to be quite a nightmare to any professional translation company or solo translation service.