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android translation

Three more translation related Android apps viz. Talk To Me, Spanish Translator and Star Translate are reviewed in this blog. These apps would be handy for people who are constantly traveling but some of them require direct access to internet. For professional translation jobs translation agency should to be contacted.

Talk To Me

We review three more translation related Android apps viz. ConveyThis Translator, Trippo Monde Voice Translator, and Google Goggle in this blog. They would be found useful by frequent travelers in foreign countries. For quality translation of your own Android App you have to contact professional translation services.

ConveyThis Translator

Android is the Operating System for mobile devices developed by Google as a competitor to Windows Mobile, Nokia’s Symbian, Blackberry OS and others. Version 1.0 of Android was released in February 2009 and since then it has undergone several upgrades with the latest version 2.2 released in May 2010. Google took over Android Inc. the original developers of Android OS. Android is based on Linux OS kernel and GNU software.

The Android was specifically created in order to accommodate a myriad of mobile-optimized applications that utilize all of the advantages that the portable gadget medium has to offer. This is a device that's been designed to be open, so it's only natural that it also features the translation of Android applications.